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I Missed You.

Oh hey!  I haven’t seen you in awhile.  I can tell you missed me, because I totally missed you.  You may or may not have noticed that things look a little different around here.  I mean, not THAT much different, design isn’t exactly my thing, but you know…  enough to warrant a raised eyebrow.  So if you didn’t notice (which you did, I mean how could not?!)  I’m writing under a new title.  I’ve changed my blog title from SwissArmyWife to Eclectic Reality.  You might have to resubscribe.

I’ve known that I was going to abandon SwissArmyWife for quite some time.  I love her.  I really love that badass mom, SwissArmyWife…  but she’s more.  So. Much. More.  SwissArmyWife was my life for a long time.  I’ve spent a long time fighting against the status quo when it comes to family life, education, and parenting but something changed.  Eventually, I stopped feeling like I had anything to fight against and I just started living this life.  I love this life.  My wonderful, glorious, totally bitchin’ life!  I couldn’t imagine living ANY. OTHER. LIFE.  Resubscribe here.

I no longer want to identify as just a wife and mom.  I hate that.  I hate that I even wrote it.  “Just a wife and mom.”  As if that’s something I shouldn’t be OK with.  I am so totally more than OK with it.  Still, it doesn’t reflect me anymore.  During my unintended hiatus I’ve done a little stretching and growing.  I did a little changing and then a little more growing.  I guess you could say I’ve been getting reacquainted with my bad self.

So, who am I anyway?

Well, that’s a long ass story.  I’m so many things to so many people, but more importantly I am myself.  Something’s changed in the months past and I’m no longer seeing myself in quite the same way.  For one, I’m loving myself a lot more.  I’m loving the people around me a lot more.  I’m loving life and everything in it a lot more.  If this explanation doesn’t do it for you, then try my about me page.  If it does…  try my about me page anyway.

My life just totally rocks and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.  Did I mention you have to resubscribe?

So, I guess the good news is…  I’m back, bitches.


  1. Love the change and yes, I did resubscribe lol!

  2. Bring it on – looking forward to the adventure!

  3. Lilypad says:

    Is is still possible to get the posts via email and not via “web based news readers”? I like things extremely low tech. 😉

  4. Heather says:

    So my original response was wrong. I’m looking into fixing it. Until it’s fixed you should still get a email from the swissarmywife feed.

  5. Cid says:

    I love that you’re back… and I love the “about me” page. You fuckin rock… xoxo

  6. Heather says:

    Thanks Dude! I love that I’m back too! :)

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