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I am Heather.

Currently in limbo somewhere between Washington and Vermont.

Wife to TJ. Mom to Skylar, Milo, and Phoenix. Driver of a Generation 2 Battle Van.  G2 for short.

Enjoying an eclectic reality, I: bake cupcakes, make jewelry, hula hoop, take pictures, unschool, advocate for personal freedom, get really into UFC, do lots of art projects and write about cool stuff.  I also have an iPhone that I take to bed with me.  His name is Enrique Atoine (Enrique died in a terrible break down shortly after being pulled over by a New York State Trooper.  Coincidence?  I think not.), and when he speaks to me he (still) sounds like Antonio Banderas.

I’m certain that cupcakes and hula hoops can save humanity.  You can sell a Kindle to an Amish man so long as you bring cupcakes for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch). You can make the grumpiest grown up laugh if you just give him a hula hoop.  I’m a little bit mischievous and lot a hedonist. I take pleasure in everything.  Unless of course you’re including scooping dog shit or scrubbing toilets, which you’re not… why would you?

This blog used to be primarily about Unschooling.  Back in 2006, I finally said fuck it to the school system and brought my then 7 year old home from school.  I chronicled our lives and my process here.  So why the change?  Well, I can’t be all goddamn inspirational, all the time!  Only some of the time.  So here I am, again.  Same person.  Same blog (with some minor changes).  Yet, way more of me.  Which, may in fact take my reader count down a notch.  To say…  one.  Me.

If you’ll stay I promise you: More cupcakes.  More hooping. More swearing. More awesome.