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Did you notice my new little blog button? Eh, probably not. I haven’t been here much lately, so I can’t imagine many of you are visiting very often either. I’ve been away from writing for a bit, and even though I miss it terribly , I’ve learned that I just need to be OK with it. It’s incredibly hard for me to gather ideas and find quiet time for writing with an almost 3 year old in the house!   It wouldn’t be fair to only blame him, between the 3 kids, the dog and cat, the chickens, and all the amazing exploring and bike riding we’re doing on this beautiful island it’s really hard to find any free time at all.  I’m not sad, I’m elated that I have been spending SO much time with my family.

However, I’m also happy to have found an old passion. What I am really loving about making jewelry is that it’s so much fun and feels so good to create with my hands. When I stopped writing, I stopped because I had a really strong urge to work with my hands., I figured I’d come back to it by now but, I guess I’ve accomplished exactly what I felt pulled to do. Not surprisingly, it also feels good to contribute financially to my family, even if it’s just a little. Even though I’ve never been asked to, I’ve been wanting to contribute in this way for quite some time.

Etsy is a funny place. It’s a great opportunity for crafters, but I’m learning that if I don’t do anything to get my jewelry seen, most of it just sits there, unnoticed. As an Etsy newbie I really have to work for it, if you know what I mean! Now here’s where I ask you for a favor. If you have a blog and you like my jewelry, then maybe you’d be willing to post my little button on your blog? If you do grab my button, then please let me know so I can express my heartfelt gratitude.

Silk Dyed Eggs

I saw this project go around Facebook a few times in the last week.  The results that the people were getting were AWESOME.  Naturally, I needed to try this out for myself.  As soon as TJ came home from work I jumped in the truck and we went to the local thrift store and found the only silk scarves we could find.  (Later on I found out that silk ties can also be used)

The next step is to blow out the eggs if you don’t want hard boiled eggs.  We left ours alone since some of us like egg salad anyway.  Cut the silk into squares and wrap the eggs.  We tied them off with rubber bands.

Place in the pot of water + a couple teaspoons on vinegar and boil for 10 minutes.


We accidentally forgot the vinegar and ended up adding it at the end and boiling for an extra 5 minutes.  Who knows what might of changed, maybe the depth of color?

I love this one.  I can’t wait to do this again, I’m going to keep my eyes out for the best patterns.

Also an easy way to make tie dye eggs.

Double Crafty Giveaway!

It’s Tuesday, that means Giveaway Day for the month of November!  Today I have two awesome giveaways to share with you.

The first is from:

Digital Scrapbook Place, Inc. offers high quality digital scrapbooking products, community, support, and education at the largest digital scrapbooking site on the Internet: DSP offers digital designs for baby pictures to heritage photos and sports snapshots to wedding portraits.  With over 10,000 graphics available, you’re sure to find just what you need.

About Margie:

Margie is traveling the USA fulltime in an RV with her husband and three young children. Owning Digital Scrapbook Place, Inc. allows them to work remotely and hold events all over the country.  Learn more about the laptop crops as they Scrap the Map.  Follow their family adventures, RVing, homeschooling, unschooling, roadschooling, and more on and Twitter.

Margie and Digital Scrapbook Place are offering one digital image CD (or download – winner choice) which includes hundreds of images including backgrounds, embellishments, and kits for paper crafting on your computer.  Click the image for more info on the CD.


Our second giveaway is from Designs by Reglandus who has created The Bottomless Heart.

Click the image to read the story.

Owner Reggie White has created this beautiful Bottomless Heart design for his line of all occasion greeting cards with a special message of love.  A grandfather to Unschoolers, he is just getting his online business started with romance, birthday and soon holiday and friendship cards.  Today, he is offering one lucky reader a package of 5 Bottomless Heart Greeting Cards.  One example below.


You have 3 chances to win! Here’s how:

1. Leave me a comment!

2. Share on Facebook then come back and comment again.

3. Tweet this on Twitter and come back again and comment.

2 lucky winners will be announced on Friday Nov. 12th.

This giveaway has ended.

Unschooling Buttons!

I know it’s been awhile.  It’s a great summer so far and we’re keeping incredibly busy!  After a teensy little heat wave, if you call 94 hot, we’re back to more seasonable temps around here and loving every moment of this near perfect weather.

This morning it dawned on me that we had all created an Etsy account awhile back to showcase Skylar and Milo’s buttons but I had never promoted it for them!

Without further hesitation, I give you my young Untrepreneur’s Etsy Store.  We hope you find something you like.

If you would like to visit later, there is a linked gallery on the right side of my blog that will take you there.

Face Painting: Dangerous Black Widow

We’re on a roll with the face painting and I’m loving every minute of it. The one problem with a human canvas is that unlike a regular canvas, is that they can say no! Luckily, he is asking me!

Face Painting: Happy Little Tiger

Milo and I were reading Calvin and Hobbes this evening, while Skylar and TJ are at the IMAX theater watching Avatar.  Phoenix took a nap and we had the idea to paint Milo a tiger like Hobbes!  It’s the first time I’ve used the face paints since being in Seattle!

Chalk Jumping: Trampoline Art

This has been a favorite activity around here lately. Today was pretty abstract, but last week Skylar and Milo drew an entire war, complete with separate battles. It’s so cool I wish I could say I invented Trampoline Art. But I didn’t. They did.

Living in Seattle guarantees a fresh canvas at least a few times a week. Otherwise I’m sure a hose would do just fine.

King Kong on the news!

The redhead is my mother, The boy walking in the jeep in the beginning is my little brother and the “tank girl” is my little sister. Enjoy!

Best in Show!

50th Anniversary Rutland Halloween Parade! This airplane was mounted in the back of the pickup truck.

These are the only pictures I have. We had a nasty wind and rain storm fly through and we all ended up drenched. I put my camera away for the night. Everything stayed tarped until a few minutes before the parade. It poured. It was miserable. We were NOT waterproof. We were cold.

Here’s Milo, looking less then thrilled. It rained all night long. Most of the cardboard vehicles, including Milo’s jeep/wagon, disintegrated by the end of the night.

Between the windstorm, and the unveiling of King Kong, Milo started to get scared. He’s been getting scared of a lot of things lately. Noises, lights, etc. Luckily there was plenty of room (and candy) in the dry, warm truck for him. Skylar hopped in for awhile too. He ended up walking with us once the parade started. I was so happy about that. I love being in the parade with the boys.

Truly amazing float. The sounds effects were pulled right from the old movie. Airplanes, guns and screaming! My mother and her boyfriend built this entire float from the ground up. As they do every year. She is amazingly talented, and legally blind which makes this even MORE amazing.

We all ended up having a great time. I have a video I can post soon. And hopefully I can find some better pictures. This is probably the last Halloween parade we will be in here. Just a little sentimental for me.

So, I heard through the Facebook-vine that we got Best in Show!

Practice Skull

We’re in the 50th Anniversary Halloween Parade tonight. Which makes our city’s parade the longest running Halloween Parade on the east coast (at least). Greenwich Village in NY seems to have the largest parade. We are all wearing skull masks, with our costumes, but Milo would prefer to have his face painted. Skylar let me practice this morning. It’s not *great* but it does look pretty darn cool. I have a few other ideas for the parade anyway.