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I Missed You.

Oh hey!  I haven’t seen you in awhile.  I can tell you missed me, because I totally missed you.  You may or may not have noticed that things look a little different around here.  I mean, not THAT much different, design isn’t exactly my thing, but you know…  enough to warrant a raised eyebrow.  So if you didn’t notice (which you did, I mean how could not?!)  I’m writing under a new title.  I’ve changed my blog title from SwissArmyWife to Eclectic Reality.  You might have to resubscribe.

I’ve known that I was going to abandon SwissArmyWife for quite some time.  I love her.  I really love that badass mom, SwissArmyWife…  but she’s more.  So. Much. More.  SwissArmyWife was my life for a long time.  I’ve spent a long time fighting against the status quo when it comes to family life, education, and parenting but something changed.  Eventually, I stopped feeling like I had anything to fight against and I just started living this life.  I love this life.  My wonderful, glorious, totally bitchin’ life!  I couldn’t imagine living ANY. OTHER. LIFE.  Resubscribe here.

I no longer want to identify as just a wife and mom.  I hate that.  I hate that I even wrote it.  “Just a wife and mom.”  As if that’s something I shouldn’t be OK with.  I am so totally more than OK with it.  Still, it doesn’t reflect me anymore.  During my unintended hiatus I’ve done a little stretching and growing.  I did a little changing and then a little more growing.  I guess you could say I’ve been getting reacquainted with my bad self.

So, who am I anyway?

Well, that’s a long ass story.  I’m so many things to so many people, but more importantly I am myself.  Something’s changed in the months past and I’m no longer seeing myself in quite the same way.  For one, I’m loving myself a lot more.  I’m loving the people around me a lot more.  I’m loving life and everything in it a lot more.  If this explanation doesn’t do it for you, then try my about me page.  If it does…  try my about me page anyway.

My life just totally rocks and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.  Did I mention you have to resubscribe?

So, I guess the good news is…  I’m back, bitches.

Just a Couple of Fun Things.

It’s always really fun when someone tells me I’ve been nominated for something.  It’s a nice surprise.  I love this blog, and I love you all.  I mean, where would this blog even be without you?!  Recently I was nominated for the Homeschool Post Blog Awards.  That was fun.  I think the people that won got some really great prizes.

Yesterday, I found out that I was nominated again.  So… Thank You So Much to the person who nominated me for this list.  And to everyone who clicked “like”.  It means  a lot to me.  It’s not a contest with a prize or anything like that, but some name recognition and/or publicity.  Wouldn’t be great if someday I could use to my blog to bring in a little income?  That’s my dream.  Blogs aren’t usually money making machines, but I’m slowly taking steps toward generating a few dollars.  In case you are wondering about those ads on the side?  Well, let’s just say those bring me in a whopping total of less than 5 dollars a year.  I just giggled at myself.  Yes, seriously.  Mostly I’m enjoying helping others, especially crafters get noticed.  I’m somewhere on page 2, number 79 last I checked and f you would like to go vote:

Facebook Fan Pages for Parents

And if you’d like to actually visit my blog’s Facebook page:

Facebook Page

Hey don’t forget about my holiday card giveaway.  It ends tomorrow night, and well…  free photo cards!  Need I say more?  Everyone has been sharing a favorite holiday tradition or non-traditional.  We’re also a bit of the non-traditional type.  Just sort of flying by the seat of pants.

You can visit Cafe Press and check out their other great items by clicking the image below.

Ok, now we’ve ventured WAY off a couple of things…  but I need to share this video.  Yes.  NEED.

The Homeschool Blog Awards – Let the Voting Begin!

I’ve been nominated for Best Homeschool Mom Blog over at The Homeschool Post! I’m positively beaming! Thank you to whoever nominated me. How cool!

Vote For Me at The Homeschool Post!

Here is a direct link to vote for SwissArmyWife!

Here is the link to the rules and (if you scroll down) the rest of the categories.

Other nominated Unschoolers include (thank you Idzie for putting this together):

Best Homeschool Mom Blog:
SwissArmyWife (Me!!!)
Mrs. Hannigan’s Home for Girls
Best Homeschool Dad Blog:
Just a Bald Man
Best Blog Design:
Soule Mama
Best Photos and Artistic Content:
The Organic Sister
Best Crafts, Plans, & Projects Blog:
5 Orange Potatoes
Journey Into Unschooling
Ordinary Life Magic
Best Homeschool Methods Blog:
I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.
Journey Into Unschooling
Best Homemaking Blog:
Sensible Living
Best Curriculum or Business Blog:
Life Learning Magazine
Best Variety Blog:
Kelly Hogaboom

If you see any others on the lists that I missed…  let me know in a comment and I will edit this post ASAP.  Thanks everybody!

Winter Migration

I’ve decided to migrate this winter.  Not only from Vermont to Washington, but from Blogspot to WordPress.  I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but the very thought of it caused meltdowns of epic proportions a little stress.  I didn’t have the time or the brain capacity to handle all the work involved and I was really afraid I’d lose content.  Now that we are all settled into our new home I decided to just go for it.  With the help of my sexy, knife wielding, super hero of a husband, the blog migration was fairly painless.  If you were a follower at blogspot, I *think* you will have to resign-up for upates on the right, and please bear with me as we make improvements.  If you are a new reader then please use one of the options on the right to follow me.


So yeah, follow me.  Or else…