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Irene in Vermont

I’ve collected a few photos from around Facebook for this post.  I moved away from Vermont less than 2 years ago and nothing has made me want to go home more than this.  My beautiful state torn to shreds by flash flooding.  They didn’t even see much in the way of wind.  I hope this gives you a sense of whatmost of the state of Vermont looks like right now. There are entire communities cut off from each other with no way in or out.

If there is a road I could walk backward with my eyes closed, it's this one. Route 4 up to Mendon and Killington. Mind boggling.

I chose this photo because there is a man in a yellow shirt in the bottom right hand corner. It really helps with the size of the devastation here. I think this is in Cavendish, VT.

This is the road we took to park day every Wednesday. Also the way to my in-laws house. In Clarendon, VT just outside of Rutland.

The famous Quechee covered bridge. Many of Vermont's covered bridges were lost, but many still stand. I saw photo and video of water just POURING THROUGH this bridge. This should give you an idea of how high the water actually was.

This is the Killington Base Lodge at the ski resort. Or was.

Echo Lake in Tyson. (Ludlow area) The Lake where TJ's father and stepmother own a camp. That's not their camp, but they said they took in 3 feet of water on the first floor. Their first floor is probably 15 or more feet above the normal level of the lake.

This is pretty much the story all over the state.  Some communities were hit much harder than others.  I know that Killington and Pittsfield are completely cut-off at the moment.  The only way in or out is hiking.  I’ve seen the most amazing photos of rushing water where I’ve never even seen water before. Several people have lost their lives and many their homes.  It’s hard to watch from here.  I want badly to be there.

It’s absolutely UNREAL how much water flowed through these places.  I think they’ve been calling it the 200  year flood.  Some people like to say that Vermont needs to prepare better and build better roads…  but this water MANGLED STEEL BRIDGES MEANT FOR TRAINS and not just one.

There is a GIANT collection of photos here. Skip the albums and head straight to the community photos.  This is not one isolated area…  it’s all over state.  Some communities were hit HARD, but I don’t know if any town escaped at least some flooding.

For the next few weeks I’m donating 100% of the profits from my Etsy shop to hurricane relief in Vermont.  Many of the fundraisers set up cannot take credit cards so I’ve decided to donate to the red cross.  Please help if you can.  Thanks.

PS.  If any of these photos belong to you…  let me know.  I’d love to give credit.


  1. Impaire says:

    Eloquent pictures indeed. I re-posted one (it links back here), hope that’s OK.

  2. Heather says:

    Sure. They are not my photos though. :)

  3. Penny says:

    Heather, I hope your family is ok. I’m in Chittenden County, where the damage was much less severe. But we’re all walking around in shock, and helping in every way possible. Your state is still stunningly gorgeous. I promise.

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