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Weekend Wisdom – Looking Forward

Look for how to make good use of those jack-o-lanterns with a gluten free pumpkin cupcake recipe on Monday or Tuesdays blog post.  I can’t decide…  Lemon, ginger cream cheese frosting or vanilla spiced frosting.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Halloween always seems to begin that time of year known as “The Holidays”.  Some people *love* the holidays and some people *dread* the holidays.  I’ve definitely felt both in my lifetime, for many different reasons.  But the one thing I look forward to is the food!  I cannot wait to plan our Thanksgiving in Seattle and bake my very first turkey.  You’ll have to check back (or come over) to see if it’s a WIN or a complete disaster.


And speaking of November, it’s about time you started thinking about Christmas gifts!  Maybe you’ll create experiences, maybe you’ll buy gifts, or maybe you’ll go homemade as we try and do each year.  On my blog, I’d like to do a few small giveaways in the month of November.  Maybe you have an etsy shop, an ebay store, or something else you’d like to give a bit of advertising for the holidays!  Send me an email and let me know what product or service you have to offer!  If you know someone else who might be interested, please pass this information on to them.  Just hurry, November is just a couple days away!  Can you believe that? Message me.

Fun, Interesting, and Strange:

I love vintage ads.  I don’t know why, since they can be extremely sexist.  They just make me laugh and I can’t get enough of them.

The Woot blog recently featured this awesome video.  I’ve always known bubbles were magical, but apparently some more than others.

I had wanted to make a gluten free pumpkin pie, but decided on reserving the pumpkins for cupcakes isntead.  I know…  big shocker there!  Here is the recipe I was going to use.  Let me know how it turns out.

As we begin our own journey of life on the road, we entertain thoughts about what it actually means to support to our family in terms outside of financial abundance.  A great post about Unjobbing from Tara over at The Organic Sister.


The 88 year old house that journalism built.


This year for my pumpkin I was going to carve out a cupcake.  Then I discovered an angry looking photo of TJ.  So, here it is…  my TJ-O-Lantern.


  1. ~Tara says:

    lol love the tj-o-lantern. how did you do that?

    thanks for the linky love. :)

  2. ~Tara says:

    omg just had to come back and say those ads are CRAZY! LOL

  3. Heather says:

    You’re welcome and I’m magic. :-)

    OK actually it’s a combination of carving, shaving off the skin and leaving certain shapes of skin there. It’s actually WAY easier than it looks but it is tedious.

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